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Freight activity shows slight pick-up in July

China’s freight activity showed signs of recovery during the first three weeks of July, according to China Confidential’s latest survey of 200 logistics firms nationwide. The pick up in activity was minor, however, while the outlook among logistics firms surveyed remains negative.

23 July 2014

Supportive policies to boost electric car sales

Investors and analysts have been debating the impact of new measures aimed at boosting sales of electric vehicles.

17 July 2014

Rise of the robots

With China now the world’s largest robot market, our latest survey of robotmakers and users in seven provinces highlights the reasons behind the recent surge in robot purchases, the future demand outlook and the likely impact on labour trends and the overall economy.

16 July 2014

Sales decline accelerates property market consolidation

Leading property developers recorded double-digit growth in home sales revenue despite a market-wide sales decline in 1H14, reflecting rapid consolidation occurring in China’s real estate sector

14 July 2014

Home sales record unseasonable fall in June

Home sales fell 14% MoM in the first 29 days of June, in what is normally a strong period for the housing market

03 July 2014

Fixed-asset investment – an uneven recovery

The recovery in fixed-asset investment growth seen in recent months has been uneven and limited in nature and may not be sustained.

03 July 2014

Home sales fall and home price growth remains weak in June

Chinese housing markets showed no sign of recovery in June, with home sales falling MoM and home price growth remaining at a historically low level. 

27 June 2014

Home sales remain weak

Home sales in the 42 cities monitored have fallen to their lowest level outside of holiday periods since 2011.

24 June 2014

Weak freight activity in June

Chinese freight activity declined during the first three weeks of June, suggesting that the apparent recovery in May was short-lived, according to China Confidential’s latest survey of 200 logistics companies nationwide. The freight outlook also turned negative.

20 June 2014

Home sales return to downward trend in June

Having shown some signs of improvement in May, home sales growth in the 42 cities monitored returned to a downward trend in the first 15 days of June. 

19 June 2014

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