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Home sales rise in early April

Housing markets recorded further gains in the first 12 days of April, according to local property bureau data from 42 cities. 

13 April 2015

Diverging fortunes for top property developers

Our analysis of recently published 2014 full-year financial results for 21 listed Chinese property developers shows a divergence in fortunes, with developers focused on first-time buyers and upgraders faring better than those focused on luxury developments.

09 April 2015

Real estate policy shift sparks debate

Industry participants and policymakers assess the significance and impact of the recent series of supportive measures for buyers looking to upgrade their homes. 

09 April 2015

Online retail – crucial battlegrounds

With competition between Alibaba and JD.com heating up, mobile and logistics represent crucial battlegrounds in the pursuit for online retail supremacy.

09 April 2015

PPP to the rescue?

Our surveys of 39 existing public-private partnership projects and 26 investors highlight the challenges Beijing may face in developing this as a new funding model for infrastructure projects.

09 April 2015

Shifting policy gear

Recent policy developments suggest that Beijing is moving to combat some of the emerging risks in the economy

09 April 2015

Real estate policy shifts signal support for second-time buyers

A reduction in downpayment requirements suggests that Beijing is now actively supporting demand from buyers looking to upgrade their homes. This policy shift has the potential to support a recovery in home sales, although Beijing will remain keen to strike a balance between stabilising the real estate market, and preventing the housing market from overheating once again.

30 March 2015

Housing market activity strengthens in March

Real estate developers reported a sharp increase in activity in March, with both sales volumes and prices rising from the previous month.

27 March 2015

Home sales strengthen in mid-March

Home sales in the first 24 days of March showed signs of strengthening in the 42 cities monitored by China Confidential.

26 March 2015

Nearing the bottom?

Economic activity appears to have weakened further in March, but the bigger picture of a gradual stabilisation in growth remains intact

26 March 2015

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