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Rumours of housing policy relaxation

Commentators discuss the likelihood and significance of reports that three Chinese cities are considering a relaxation of home purchasing restrictions.

10 April 2014

Real estate slowdown hastens industry consolidation

Slower home sales have hit smaller developers much harder than their larger counterparts, resulting in a more consolidated real estate market.

10 April 2014

Weak start to April for Chinese housing market

Home sales fell in the first six days of April, pointing to continued weakness in the Chinese housing market.

09 April 2014

Chinese home prices moderate as inventories rise

Unsold housing inventories have risen sharply in 2014, contributing to a slowdown in home price growth. 

02 April 2014

Smaller cities lead March real estate slowdown

Home sales growth recorded an unseasonable slowdown in March, highlighting the continued weakness in China’s housing market. This slowdown is being led by smaller cities, with transactions in third-tier cities dropping MoM and home price growth slowing sharply.

31 March 2014

Weaknesses mount in real estate sector

Unseasonably weak sales and a rise in the volume of unsold units point to a slowing housing market. 

27 March 2014

Survey confirms infrastructure slowdown

Our survey of 70 infrastructure projects in seven provinces provides on-the-ground evidence of the slower investment trend suggested by official numbers since the start of the year, but also points to likely short-term support for existing projects.

27 March 2014

Anti-pollution campaign hits northern industrial output

Industrial output in regions affected by pollution-control measures has fallen sharply, but excess capacity elsewhere means that companies in other provinces have largely picked up the slack.

27 March 2014

March survey points to weak post-holiday recovery

China’s freight volumes returned broadly to pre-Chinese New Year levels during the first three weeks of March, but a sizeable proportion of respondents continued to report a decline in shipments, while the recovery also remained weak on a YoY basis, according to China Confidential’s latest survey of 200 logistics companies across the country.

21 March 2014

Chinese housing market remains weak

Chinese home sales recorded a weaker than normal recovery in March, highlighting the recent downturn in the market.

18 March 2014

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