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Confidence rebounds despite spending growth slowdown

Discretionary spending and cost-of-living growth both fell sharply in our latest survey of 1,000 consumers nationwide, conducted March 17-24. The results nevertheless showed an improvement in consumer confidence in the overall economy, while household income growth remained robust and investment returns strengthened.

31 March 2015

Chow Sang Sang – efficiency to help weather storm

Chow Sang Sang’s revenue fell in 2014 on falling jewellery demand and Hong Kong’s declining attraction as a tourist destination, but prudent mainland expansion and solid operational efficiency should help the company to compete in an increasingly competitive market.

26 March 2015

Luk Fook – Hong Kong weakness to weigh on sales

Despite rapid expansion in lower-tier cities in mainland China and improving popularity among mass-market consumers, weakness in its home territory is likely to continue to weigh on sales growth going forward for Hong Kong-based Luk Fook.

26 March 2015

TSL – cost and debt pressures rise

Hong Kong jeweller TSL’s attempts to transform its operating model and positioning should support long-term growth, but may continue to push up capital expenditure and debt from already high levels in the short term.

26 March 2015

Chow Tai Fook – rebound unlikely in short term

Jewellery market leader Chow Tai Fook is unlikely to regain growth momentum in the short term given a series of challenges, including weak consumer spending, mounting competition and ongoing anti-mainland rhetoric in Hong Kong.

26 March 2015

Jewellery market losing its shine

Sales for leading Hong Kong-listed jewellers are likely to remain weak in 2015, due to a decline in spending in Hong Kong and sluggish growth amid the government’s anti-corruption drive and intensifying competition on the mainland.

26 March 2015

Special Report: Winds of change in outbound tourism

Our latest annual survey of 1,288 Chinese outbound tourists and 40 travel agencies suggests that the overall market continues to grow rapidly. But, as the market matures, tastes and spending habits are changing, dragging down per-trip spending and slowing visitor growth to previously popular destinations.

12 March 2015

Special Report: Travel booking gets personal

With Chinese travellers increasingly looking to organise and plan their itineraries when abroad, tour operators are repositioning to offer more flexibility while online booking sites are investing heavily in a bid to gain a greater portion of outbound business. 

12 March 2015

Special Report: Changing behaviour, different brands

Lower spending among higher-income travellers and a preference for different Asian destinations have resulted in shifts in the most commonly purchased designer fashion, jewellery, watch, cosmetics, consumer electronics and liquor brands among Chinese outbound tourists.

12 March 2015

Special Report: Regional retailers benefit from outbound surge

Our latest survey identifies the local retailers in key Asian destinations that are benefiting from the continued growth of Chinese regional tourism.

12 March 2015

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