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Spending up but confidence down in February

Discretionary spending growth accelerated in February, according to our latest survey of 1,000 consumers nationwide, driven by spending ahead of the Chinese New Year holiday. Household income growth also improved during the month. However, respondents continued to report higher cost of living growth, while consumer confidence in the economy fell to its lowest point since August 2013.

27 February 2015

KFC’s popularity falls further as Asian food chains gain ground

Our latest consumer survey provided further evidence of a structural decline in KFC’s popularity in China, with the brand’s popularity falling further and consumers increasingly favouring Asian-style fast-food chains.

24 February 2015

Pressure mounts on jewellery market leader Chow Tai Fook

Jewellery market leader Chow Tai Fook is losing its appeal among first-tier-city-based and high-income consumers amid intensifying competition, according to our latest large-scale consumer survey, adding to downward pressure on the company’s sales.

16 February 2015

GNC – premium market leader

GNC’s rapid multichannel expansion has enabled it to establish a strong position in China, particularly at the higher end of the nutrition product market.

12 February 2015

Pfizer – capitalising on Centrum’s popularity

Pfizer’s Centrum multivitamin product has established a strong presence in China, boosted by its designation as an over-the-counter drug, enabling it to be sold in pharmacies and hospitals.

12 February 2015

By-Health – well positioned domestic leader

Leading domestic supplement maker By-Health should continue to outperform sector growth due to excellent brand awareness and an extensive distribution network.

12 February 2015

Besunyen – niche player over-reliant on marketing

The therapeutic tea producer remains well-positioned to benefit from consumer demand for weight loss products, but an over-reliance on advertising and its two core products pose risks to growth.

12 February 2015

Vitamins and dietary supplements – healthy growth to continue

Rising health-consciousness among wealthier consumers in particular will continue to drive robust growth in China’s vitamin and dietary supplement market, with regulatory simplification set to intensify competition in the sector.

12 February 2015

Chinese consumer spending stabilises in January

Discretionary spending growth and consumer confidence stabilised in January despite a further slight moderation in household income growth, according to our latest survey of 1,000 consumers nationwide. Cost of living growth rose during the month.

03 February 2015

Coach – looking to sustain rapid growth

Coach’s rapid growth in Greater China, in contrast to sluggish performance elsewhere, is likely to continue given expanding geographical coverage, a solid e-commerce strategy and moves to expand its menswear and higher-end lifestyle offerings.

29 January 2015

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