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Apple iPhone buying intentions soar as Samsung slump worsens

Our latest large-scale consumer survey showed a surge in demand for Apple’s iPhone, and a further slump in the popularity of Samsung's smartphone devices. Demand for the iPhone 6, with its larger screen, should drive up Apple’s China revenue in the coming quarter.

31 October 2014

Consumer activity strengthens in October

Consumer spending, confidence and household income all improved in October, according to our latest survey of 1,000 consumers nationwide, while cost of living growth eased during the month. Share buying sentiment moderated slightly but remained positive, while home buying sentiment improved.

28 October 2014

Wanda Plaza – mass market drives robust growth

Despite growing competition for wealthier consumers, strong mass-market appeal and an innovative leasing model continue to support rapid growth for the market-leading mall developer.

23 October 2014

Wangfujing – facing downward pressure

Department store chain Wangfujing has seen sales and popularity decline on the rising challenge from e-commerce, particularly in first-tier cities, and though several initiatives are underway to try and restore sales growth, its outlook is uncertain.

23 October 2014

Intime – painful transition to pay dividends

Intime is struggling with weak revenue growth and falling margins on downward pressure from the rise of e-commerce and integrated shopping malls, but rapid moves to introduce its own shopping malls and develop an online presence breed should improve performance going forward.

23 October 2014

Golden Eagle – short-term pain, longer-term gain

The department store chain’s gross sales proceeds, same-store sales and profit margins all fell YoY in 1H14, but store renovations and efforts to expand direct sales should support a rebound in the medium term.

23 October 2014

China’s mall mania raises risks

Our survey of shopping mall managers and consumers suggests strong consumer demand and robust sales for China’s growing number of malls, but also highlights oversupply and sluggish performance in lower-tier cities.

23 October 2014

Pollution drives equipment-buying frenzy

Officials and industry participants discuss the outlook for sales of pollution mitigation equipment following a spike in sales of air purifiers due to chronic air pollution in recent weeks.

23 October 2014

China’s retail property oversupply

Our analysis suggests that China has too much retail floor space given current spending trends, and that absorbing the surplus will require a sharp rise in household incomes.

23 October 2014

Department stores – facing a painful transition period

Department stores continue to face significant downward pressure from the rise of shopping malls and e-commerce. Efforts to transform their operations by revamping store formats and expanding e-commerce channels will weigh on profits in the short term, though offer hope of some degree of recovery in the longer term.

23 October 2014

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