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Chinese perspectives on the AIIB

Leading Chinese commentators and academics give their views on the significance of the newly formed, China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

26 March 2015

Paradigm shift – Chinese capital outflows in context

We think recent capital outflows and renminbi depreciation trends are in line with the government’s new monetary policy paradigm, and policymakers’ expectations.

26 March 2015

Assessing the renewed A-share market rally

Industry participants discuss the drivers and implications of a renewed rally on mainland stock markets in recent weeks.

26 March 2015

North-east slowdown highlights national risks

North-east China’s industry-and-investment-led growth model is beginning to unravel, highlighting the difficulties that the whole country may face in developing new growth drivers

26 March 2015

Nearing the bottom?

Economic activity appears to have weakened further in March, but the bigger picture of a gradual stabilisation in growth remains intact

26 March 2015

Key policymakers pledge stock market support

Two key Chinese policymakers have publicly stated their support for the rally on domestic stock markets, reinforcing our view that Beijing sees bullish A-share markets as a central plank of its new monetary policy framework.

13 March 2015

China lowers GDP growth target

Leading economists assess the implications of the Chinese government’s recently announced economic targets for 2015.

12 March 2015

Three emerging threats to growth

Beijing may struggle to manage the risks the economy is facing this year given the parameters within which it is currently operating.

12 March 2015

Warning signs in January-February data

While there were few signs of a significant deterioration in economic activity in data for the January-February period published by China’s statistics bureau, it did raise the prospect of weaker growth going forward.

11 March 2015

China takes significant steps towards a rural land market

The recent launch of a pilot scheme enabling the free trading of some rural land-use rights and a new land rights registration drive are significant steps towards the creation of a rural land market.

06 March 2015

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