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Special Report: China’s two-speed luxury market

Our in-depth surveys of luxury fashion buyers and store managers nationwide suggest an increasing divergence in performance between struggling high-end luxury brands and buoyant affordable-luxury brands.

29 January 2015

A failed stimulus?

Although recent supportive policy measures have failed to halt the downward slide in economic activity, it is too early to write off Beijing’s attempts to shore up growth, with recent trends in line with a gradual, targeted steadying of the economy.

28 January 2015

Chinese economic momentum remained weak in December

GDP growth stabilised in Q4, but there were few signs of recovery at year-end, amid a further deterioration in funding for investment projects.

20 January 2015

China’s infrastructure financing puzzle

Beijing has signalled its intention to maintain infrastructure investment at elevated levels this year, but achieving this amid a slowdown in traditional sources of funding will require a reconfiguration of the infrastructure financing landscape.

15 January 2015

Further support, further reform

With growth continuing to disappoint in December, Chinese policymakers have stepped up their support for the economy, while also accelerating financial reforms. 

15 January 2015

Chinese export growth remains strong in December

Chinese export growth remained strong on both a MoM and YoY basis in December, according to China Confidential’s latest survey of 200 export manufacturers, trading companies and shipping agents across the country. Despite a seasonal easing in new order growth, most exporters were optimistic about the outlook for January.

07 January 2015

Services and construction support labour demand

Labour demand strengthened on a MoM basis and continued to grow strongly YoY in December, according to our latest survey of 285 construction, manufacturing and service-sector firms nationwide. Companies also reported that their employees worked more overtime than in the previous month. Strong labour demand and overtime growth was underpinned by the construction and service sectors, with manufacturing demand moderating.

06 January 2015

Surveys point to sluggish end to 2014 for Chinese economy

Continued export strength and a slight improvement in consumer spending helped to partially offset sluggish freight activity and home sales in December, according to China Confidential’s latest suite of proprietary surveys. Consumer spending growth nevertheless remained slower than in 2013 and early 2014. Labour demand remained strong, underpinned by the construction and service sectors, with manufacturing demand moderating.

05 January 2015

2015 – a challenging year for the PBoC

Faced with a slowing economy and deteriorating asset quality at home and increasing uncertainty abroad, China’s central bank will have to carefully navigate a complex financial environment in 2015. 

18 December 2014

Investment to remain weak despite housing recovery

While there are green shoots of recovery in the housing market, the outlook for the industrial sector and fixed-asset investment is less positive

18 December 2014

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