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State Council reiterates new monetary policy paradigm

China’s State Council has called for easier financing in the economy, but has suggested that adjustments will be made within a new monetary policy framework that eschews a broad loosening of credit, in favour of targeted measures.

20 November 2014

One Belt, One Road – broadening China’s influence

Domestic commentators debate the significance of ambitious new plans to broaden China’s influence in Asia.

20 November 2014

Fragile real estate and FAI recovery

Home sales and fixed-asset investment showed signs of recovery in October, but it is questionable how sustainable this will prove without a loosening in credit.

20 November 2014

A credit-parched rebound

The continued tightness of credit conditions breeds caution over improvements in real estate and investment data.

20 November 2014

Policy paradigm to support A-share markets

A confluence of policy and reform factors, including the Shanghai-Hong Kong connect scheme, suggest an increasingly supportive environment for Chinese mainland stock markets.

14 November 2014

Plenum pledge to strengthen rule of law

The emphasis on legal reforms emanating from the fourth plenum appears designed to stress the leadership’s commitment to the anti-corruption campaign.

06 November 2014

The PBoC’s new policy paradigm

Targeted liquidity control measures and attempts to guide a portion of offshore renminbi back onshore suggest an attempt by China's central bank to create a new monetary policy framework, with implications both at home and abroad.

06 November 2014

Housing market shows signs of recovery

Both our proprietary survey data and third-party sales numbers suggest that home sales rebounded strongly in October. However, the scale of the recovery going forward may be limited without broader credit easing, which remains unlikely.

06 November 2014

Tentative signs of recovery

Despite a number of positive signs, most notably a rebound in home sales, it is too soon to call a wider recovery in economic growth, with restrictions on the overall supply of credit continuing to act as a brake on activity.

06 November 2014

Export growth stabilises amid false invoice uncertainty

Chinese export growth stabilised MoM and moderated slightly YoY in October, according to China Confidential’s latest survey of 200 export manufacturers, trading companies and shipping agents. Fewer respondents reported that false invoicing, which has artificially inflated trade numbers in recent months, was common in October, with most unsure about the extent of the practice within the sector last month.

31 October 2014

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