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Evaluating "Made in China 2025"

Mainland commentators have been assessing the likely impact of the "Made in China 2025" plan to upgrade the country’s manufacturing sector, unveiled by the government on May 19.

21 May 2015

Slow progress for PPP

Policymakers and investors debate the reasons why investment in public private partnerships has been lower than expected.

21 May 2015

Policy shifts ease local debt risks

Recent moves to provide short-term support for existing local government financing – in contrast to previous attempt push through rapid reform of local financing models – should reduce the default risks posed by the estimated Rmb3.3tn in local government debt due to mature this year.

21 May 2015

Beijing’s pragmatism

The relaxation of restrictions on local government financing demonstrates that Beijing is taking an increasingly pragmatic approach to balancing growth and reform.

21 May 2015

April macro data underscores need for further credit loosening

Despite a sharp rise in home sales and some signs of stabilisation in industrial output in April, slower credit issuance led to a sharp fall in investment growth, strengthening the case for further loosening measures.

13 May 2015

China targets high borrowing costs with interest rate cut

The 25bp reduction to the benchmark lending rate is a fresh attempt to reduce still-high lending costs in the economy.

11 May 2015

Small factories under stress

The results of our survey of 48 small and medium factories and 167 workers in 13 townships nationwide suggest that many are struggling amid slowing demand, stiff competition, tight credit and shifting labour-market dynamics.

07 May 2015

North-east slowdown intensifies

Consumer spending and infrastructure investment in China’s north-east region fell sharply in 1Q15, contributing to a further slowdown in GDP growth and underscoring the difficulties the region faces in transitioning away from an industry-led growth model.

07 May 2015

QE with Chinese characteristics?

Domestic analysts and economists assess reports that China may launch liquidity injections similar in nature to the quantitative easing schemes implemented in Western economies.

07 May 2015

Short-term reassurance, long-term uncertainty

Evidence pointing to a short-term stabilisation in growth is mounting, but this has raised question-marks over the long-term course of the economy.

07 May 2015

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