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Chinese high-speed rail goes global

Commentators assess the significance of the two high-profile international railway construction contracts won by Chinese firms over the last week.

23 October 2014

Downward momentum continues

Our data and analysis offer little to suggest that the downward momentum seen in 3Q14 is likely to be reversed during the final months of the year without a significant easing in credit conditions.

23 October 2014

China’s slowdown worsens

GDP growth moderated in 3Q14, while our close analysis of the macroeconomic data for September suggests that the slowdown may have become more severe during the final month of the quarter.

21 October 2014

PBoC announces new mortgage rules

Analysts and industry participants assess the likely impact of the recent loosening of mortgage rules.

09 October 2014

Chinese travellers shun domestic attractions

Commentators assess the reasons behind a slowdown in domestic tourism revenue during the National Day holiday.

09 October 2014

China’s pollution puzzle

While there is little sign that pollution control measures are being eased, output at smaller steel mills, which previously ranked among China’s most heavily polluting enterprises, is rising again. 

09 October 2014

Signs point to a not-so-golden October

Despite several recent policy moves, we have yet to see signs of the broader credit easing needed to fuel faster Chinese economic growth.

08 October 2014

Special Report: shadow finance risks begin to ebb

Our latest in-depth analysis of China’s shadow finance sector suggests that while overall scale continues to increase, the systemic risks posed, particularly to the banking sector, may be beginning to decline.

08 October 2014

Chinese exporters report increase in over-invoicing

China Confidential’s latest proprietary monthly surveys of 200 export manufacturers, trading companies and shipping agents suggest that over-invoicing of exports is becoming more common again. 

02 October 2014

Service sector supports labour demand in September

Labour demand growth moderated in September but remained robust, driven by strong service-sector demand. Our latest survey of 285 construction, manufacturing and service-sector companies also showed an increase in overtime and blue-collar wage growth, while companies were able to fill a larger proportion of vacancies than in previous months.

02 October 2014

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