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Weak investment drags down 1Q14 GDP

Weak investment growth and tight credit conditions contributed to a slowdown in Chinese GDP growth to 7.4% YoY in 1Q14, down from 7.7% YoY in 4Q13, in line with our indications of an investment-led slowdown since the start of the year. Despite signs of short-term infrastructure support, we continue to expect tight credit conditions and property market weakness to weigh on growth rates in 2Q14, barring signs of genuine, large-scale stimulus, which we have yet to see.

16 April 2014

FamilyMart heading to Beijing

DANWEI - Japanese convenience store chain FamilyMart will soon open its first outlets in Beijing. Also this week, the latest episode in the rocky development of a transport hub in Beijing. In the Mai-Mai Index, we look at use of the term “PM2.5” in Chinese news and social media in Q1 2014.

11 April 2014

Weak start to April for Chinese housing market

Home sales fell in the first six days of April, pointing to continued weakness in the Chinese housing market.

09 April 2014

Focus Media heading to Hong Kong?

DANWEI - Although we would question its out-of-home advertising business model in the age of smart phones, Focus Media may soon list in Hong Kong. Also this week: 100.com is trying to challenge New Oriental in online education, and more. In the Mai-Mai Index we look at the battle between China’s two leading taxi-hailing apps on social media.

04 April 2014

Few signs of stimulus in State Council announcement

China’s State Council has called for an acceleration in rail and home construction this year, but has not raised investment and construction targets in either sector. Against a backdrop of continuing financing pressures for infrastructure projects and a slowdown in the private housing market, we do not expect these measures to provide a significant boost to economic growth.

03 April 2014

Chinese home prices moderate as inventories rise

Unsold housing inventories have risen sharply in 2014, contributing to a slowdown in home price growth. 

02 April 2014

Tarena IPO: Questions from the Chinese Internet

DANWEI - The Chinese education services company Tarena is set for a Nasdaq IPO. This week we consider online complaints about the company that suggest important lines of enquiry for potential investors. Also this week, new players are set to threaten the big three Chinese telecom operators, and in the Mai-Mai Index we look at Chinese sportswear brands on Weibo.

31 March 2014

Weaknesses mount in real estate sector

Unseasonably weak sales and a rise in the volume of unsold units point to a slowing housing market. 

27 March 2014

Tracking China’s low-entry Internet investment products

DANWEI - In this edition of the Danwei Bulletin we launch a new section that will track China’s low-entry Internet investment products. We also look at Tencent’s WeChat: some Chinese media commentary suggests its popularity has peaked. Lastly this week: dodgy dealings in online dating and real estate classifieds.

21 March 2014

Chinese housing market remains weak

Chinese home sales recorded a weaker than normal recovery in March, highlighting the recent downturn in the market.

18 March 2014

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