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Update Alerts

Real estate policy shifts signal support for second-time buyers

A reduction in downpayment requirements suggests that Beijing is now actively supporting demand from buyers looking to upgrade their homes. This policy shift has the potential to support a recovery in home sales, although Beijing will remain keen to strike a balance between stabilising the real estate market, and preventing the housing market from overheating once again.

30 March 2015

Home sales strengthen in mid-March

Home sales in the first 24 days of March showed signs of strengthening in the 42 cities monitored by China Confidential.

26 March 2015

Housing market remains weak in early March

Chinese home sales remained weak in the first 11 days of March, according to local property bureau data, while inventory pressures appear to be building again.

16 March 2015

Key policymakers pledge stock market support

Two key Chinese policymakers have publicly stated their support for the rally on domestic stock markets, reinforcing our view that Beijing sees bullish A-share markets as a central plank of its new monetary policy framework.

13 March 2015

Warning signs in January-February data

While there were few signs of a significant deterioration in economic activity in data for the January-February period published by China’s statistics bureau, it did raise the prospect of weaker growth going forward.

11 March 2015

China ramps up local government bond issuance

A framework for dealing with existing local government debt appears to be emerging, although there is still little clarity as to how new local government spending will be funded this year. 

11 March 2015

China takes significant steps towards a rural land market

The recent launch of a pilot scheme enabling the free trading of some rural land-use rights and a new land rights registration drive are significant steps towards the creation of a rural land market.

06 March 2015

Government pledges support for housing market

Beijing adopted a markedly more supportive stance towards the housing market in its annual work report than in previous years.

05 March 2015

Government work report targets stability not stimulus

The government work report delivered at the National People’s Congress underlines Beijing’s aim to stabilise growth in 2015.

05 March 2015

Rate cut may support faltering housing market

Although the housing market weakened in the first two months of 2015 – reversing previous signs of a recovery – the recent cut to benchmark interest rates has the potential to restore upward momentum if mortgage lending is also ramped up.

03 March 2015

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