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Update Alerts

Chinese bank relaxes mortgage policy

Agricultural Bank of China will offer mortgages below benchmark lending rate to first-time buyers, the first sign that the sharp rise in financing costs for homebuyers - a key factor in the recent fall in home sales - may be being reversed.

25 July 2014

Chinese housing market remains weak in July

Despite a sequential uptick in home sales, volumes remain well below recent levels, while housing inventories continue to grow

24 July 2014

Apple gains popularity as Samsung squeezed further

Our latest large-scale consumer survey showed a further surge in popularity for Apple smartphones at the expense of Samsung, which is also being squeezed by lower-cost Chinese rivals in the mass market.

21 July 2014

Home sales record unseasonable fall in June

Home sales fell 14% MoM in the first 29 days of June, in what is normally a strong period for the housing market

03 July 2014

Home sales remain weak

Home sales in the 42 cities monitored have fallen to their lowest level outside of holiday periods since 2011.

24 June 2014

Home sales return to downward trend in June

Having shown some signs of improvement in May, home sales growth in the 42 cities monitored returned to a downward trend in the first 15 days of June. 

19 June 2014

Chinese housing inventories rise sharply

A sharp rise in unsold housing in the cities tracked by China Confidential is likely to weigh on home price growth.

29 May 2014

China permits first municipal bonds

China’s Ministry of Finance has announced that ten provinces and municipalities will be allowed to issue municipal bonds with immediate effect, in line with our predictions. The move underscores the fact that ‘stimulus’ measures implemented by Beijing will likely be within the parameters of reform, with the announced boost to infrastructure investment to be funded through funding reforms, rather than monetary loosening.

21 May 2014

Arbitrage capital declines amid further renminbi depreciation

The latest official and market data monitored by China Confidential suggests that continued depreciation of the renminbi against the US dollar – the CNY (onshore renminbi) declined 3.4% against the US dollar during the first four months of the year – has resulted in a slowdown in arbitrage capital flowing into China.

19 May 2014

Home sales continue to slow amid signs of policy support

Chinese home sales growth remained well below last year’s levels in the first 11 days of May, but comments by the central bank suggest that authorities may move to lower financing costs for home buyers – a move which could potentially boost home sales.

14 May 2014

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