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Carlsberg – westward ho!

Continued dominance of fast-growing western provinces should help the Danish beer-maker to continue to grow revenue and sales in China

28 June 2012

Beer – let high-end battle commence

While the battle for leadership of the world’s largest beer market over the past decade has been fought at the low end of the market, the stage looks set for a new contest between domestic and foreign brewers in the high-end and premium segment

28 June 2012

Mengniu Dairy – another tough year

Mengniu faces a challenge to rebuild its reputation following yet another food safety scandal and an unexpected management reshuffle

14 June 2012

Bright Dairy – seeking pastures new

By tapping into overseas resources, including Bulgarian yoghurt culture and New Zealand milk powder, Bright is driving sales in milk products.

14 June 2012

China Modern Dairy – milking government subsidies

China’s largest dairy-farm operator will continue to benefit from government support and rising raw-milk prices, but its fate remains tied to troubled market leader Mengniu’s

14 June 2012

Yili – brand strength to consolidate its lead

Yili’s strong sales of high-end products and high-profile marketing campaigns should help it consolidate its position as China’s leading dairy producer by revenue.

14 June 2012

Dairy – a question of trust

Chinese dairy firms have regrouped following the 2008 melamine crisis and posted stellar earnings growth in 2011, but a renewed scandal involving leading dairy maker Mengniu has highlighted how brittle consumer trust in the sector remains

14 June 2012

Consumer spending holds up despite mounting concerns

Discretionary spending and consumer borrowing by Chinese urban consumers strengthened in May, according to a China Confidential survey of 600 urban consumers in 134 first-, second- and third-tier cities, although the spending outlook was slightly lower than in April.

01 June 2012

Gree – Cooling the Chinese countryside

China’s leading air-conditioner manufacturer should be a beneficiary of the government’s new subsidy scheme for energy-saving appliances

31 May 2012

Bosch-Siemens – The wealthy urbanite’s brand of choice

Siemens’ advanced technology should ensure that its products qualify for the government’s upcoming energy-saving subsidy package

31 May 2012

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