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ATA failing the test

Since losing a major government contract, the test provider is finding it a costly process to expand its reach to the private sector.

15 July 2010

China Distance – some way to go

Rising costs have been eroding margins, but strong demand for the online education provider’s vocational courses bodes well for the future.

15 July 2010

New Oriental – fighting on

After a choppy performance in recent quarters as swine flu fears hurt enrolment figures, China’s biggest private educator is staging a comeback.

15 July 2010

China Education Alliance – vocational courses drive growth

Revenues from the company’s vocational training services have been outpacing those from online tuition.

15 July 2010

ChinaEdu – graduate oversupply erodes revenues

Revenue from online degree programmes, the company’s mainstay, have been shrinking for several quarters.

15 July 2010

New Oriental (EDU:NYSE)

The private education provider is focused on consolidating operations and boosting margins at its learning centres across China.

10 December 2009

China – not just a cyclical recovery in sight

Anna Ho, portfolio manager for Carlson Fund with a focus on small caps, talks on China’s long-term investment opportunities.

25 June 2009

Consumer Survey: Paid-for education

Survey results reveal demand by China’s middle class for paid-for education and training courses remains buoyant, particularly within the English language training sector.

02 April 2009

BDA China: For profit education and training sector: Investment analysis

In this report, BDA China looks at the drivers propelling China’s education and training market as well as investment opportunities in the sector.

23 March 2009

Pass marks for New Oriental

Over the long term, English language test-prep network New Oriental is the most downturn-resistant company in China’s fiercely competitive for-profit educational services sector.

19 March 2009

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