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Samsung – Competing with home-grown brands

Our 1Q12 survey showed Samsung as the fifth most popular home appliance brand behind Haier, Sony, Siemens and Midea

31 May 2012

Brands fight for herbal tea trademark

China’s International Economics and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC) has ruled that Guangzhou Pharmaceutical (600332:SHA), the original trademark owners of popular herbal tea brand Wang Laoji, should henceforth own the rights to the trademark, rather than JDB Group, which has been producing Wang Laoji in its distinctive red can since 1997. JDB licensed the trademark from Guangzhou Pharmaceutical, in a deal that was extended until 2020, but the latter argued that its former vice president, Li Yimin, had taken bribes prior to signing those contracts. JDB has rejected the ruling, but in the meantime has launched a new herbal tea brand, Jia Duo Bao.

31 May 2012

Qingdao Haier – Moving downstream for growth

Strong growth of its downstream distribution business should enable Qingdao Haier to consolidate its leadership of China’s white-goods market

31 May 2012

Home appliances – Plugged back in for recovery

For home appliance makers struggling amid weakening domestic demand and waning export orders, the government’s latest initiative to stimulate China’s slowing economy could hardly have come at a better time. 

31 May 2012

Hisense – Subsidies to boost lacklustre domestic sales

The new subsidy scheme should help to rekindle lacklustre domestic TV and refrigerator sales for Hisense

30 May 2012

The "Me Generation" of migrant workers

Younger migrant workers spend more, are more brand conscious, want to live nearer home and dream of starting their own businesses, a CC grassroots survey finds

18 May 2012

1Q12 Consumer Brands Survey

Each quarter, China Confidential surveys more than 2,000 Chinese urban, middle-class consumers in more than 200 cities nationwide on their brand preference and spending behaviour across a range of products

18 May 2012

Department stores – shrinking growth, aggressive expansion

With consumer spending slowing and aggressive expansion heightening already stiff competition in many leading cities, 2012 promises to be a challenging year for leading department store chains

17 May 2012

Wangfujing – long-term potential intact despite sluggish 1Q12

Despite posting its weakest quarterly results for five years, department store chain Wangfujing’s strong presence in promising inland regions and multi-store strategy should help to turn performance around

17 May 2012

Lifestyle International – upmarket retailer moving up the coast

The high-end Hong Kong department store group has achieved strong sales at its four mainland stores by tapping its knowledge of upmarket mainland shopping habits

17 May 2012

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