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Supportive policies to boost electric car sales

Investors and analysts have been debating the impact of new measures aimed at boosting sales of electric vehicles.

17 July 2014

Special Report: Slowdown ahead for car sales

Our survey of 106 car dealerships in 22 cities nationwide points to a slowdown in sales volume growth in 2014, but a growing preference for larger cars among second-time buyers should continue to support robust industry revenue growth.

24 April 2014

Special Report: Winners and losers in China’s shifting auto market

Despite slowing headline sales growth, manufacturers with exposure to fast-growing market segments, especially joint ventures manufacturing locally made foreign-brand vehicles, should continue to grow in the coming years.

24 April 2014

Anti-pollution drive boosts electric car industry

Local commentators discuss the impact that China’s fight against pollution will have on the country’s electric car industry

13 March 2014

2014 to see huge growth in alternative financing

DANWEI – The CEO of China’s P2P lending service is very bullish on the industry’s prospects for 2014, and considers 2013 as the “year one” of P2P financing. Also this week, Toyota recalls vehicles in China, a Chinese gold miner seeks to buy a Texan energy company, and more. In the Mai-Mai Index, we look at smartphone brands on Chinese social media.

21 February 2014

China moderates cuts to new energy auto subsidies

DANWEI – Chinese media reported this week that cuts to incentives for new energy auto manufacturers and consumers will be moderated in 2014/15, and rumors have it that a Foxconn subsidiary will supply LCD panels to Tesla. In the Mai-Mai Index we compare mentions of Japanese auto brands with calls for a boycott of Japanese goods on Chinese social media in the first six weeks of 2014.

14 February 2014

China’s mobile payment war heats up

DANWEI – The gloves have come off in the war of words between China’s leading Internet executives as Alibaba and Tencent grapple for supremacy in online payments, while several Chinese IT firms have launched an anti-piracy lawsuit against search giant Baidu. Also this week: BYD tries to hype its new hybrid car, and US chipmaker Qualcomm set for troubled waters in China. 

29 November 2013

New subsidy scheme for electric cars

Experts discuss the likely impact of a new subsidy scheme for electric and hybrid vehicles.

03 October 2013

Domestic car brands lose out despite overall sales surge

Domestic car brands are continuing to lose market share in China despite an acceleration in overall car sales in recent months, according to industry numbers and our proprietary surveys of 2,000 middle-class consumers.

12 September 2013

B&Q and Wison: No rest for the wicked

DANWEI – As highlighted in our previous Danwei Bulletin, anti-corruption investigations have hit Wison Engineering, a company with close ties to PetroChina, hard. We follow up on Wison’s woes in this week’s Bulletin, and also look into another company in trouble in China: British DIY retailer B&Q.

05 September 2013

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