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Policy bank support for slum redevelopment

Commentators assess the significance of a surge in lending by China Development Bank for shantytown redevelopment purposes.

08 May 2014

Worst yet to come for China’s construction sector

Falling property sales have not yet fed through into weaker construction activity, suggesting a gloomy outlook for 2Q14.

24 April 2014

Special report: China’s county commercial revolution

A string of ambitious commercial developments in county cities and towns across China is transforming consumer behavior at the intersection of city and countryside

26 July 2012

Contractors for hire

Protected at home, China’s construction companies will have to modernise to realise global ambitions.

25 July 2012

Excavator sales slump highlights investment fatigue

China’s excavator sales dropped 46% YoY in March, compared to a drop of 33% YoY in the combined January-February period. We think the sluggish excavator sales add to indications of sub-par fixed-asset investment (FAI) growth (CC Feb 23 2012 Big Call ) caused by slowdowns or cancellations of projects by fiscally squeezed local governments and property developers after a welter of project launches in 2009/2010. However, with social housing construction expected to pick up gradually in 2012 (CC Apr 5 2012, Big Call), excavator sales should start to rebound somewhat in the coming months.

11 April 2012

Investment fatigue deepens

Financial malaise is slowing fixed-asset investment growth, adding pressure on Beijing for some sort of bailout.

23 February 2012

Knock-on effects of real estate slowdown apparent in related sectors

Prices for cement, steel, and glass are all set to decline in 1H12 due to weak demand from a softening real estate sector as government credit restrictions persist.

12 January 2012

Transport investment stalls

The once-firm bond between state banks and state-owned transport infrastructure builders is fraying, throwing a key motivator of economic growth into doubt.

20 October 2011

Slowing land sales portend easing fixed-asset investment

Land sales are so central to local government finances that their current slowdown suggests an easing in fixed-asset investment.

02 June 2011

Beijing’s battle against overcapacity to hold firm before easing

Our survey shows local government officials are acting strongly to implement Beijing’s crackdown on excess industrial capacity but several factors are likely to erode the force of the policy several months from now.

23 September 2010

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