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Rise of the robots

With China now the world’s largest robot market, our latest survey of robotmakers and users in seven provinces highlights the reasons behind the recent surge in robot purchases, the future demand outlook and the likely impact on labour trends and the overall economy.

16 July 2014

Industry tremors: Cheap drugs and smart routers

DANWEI – The anti-corruption campaign in China’s pharma industry has dragged on for months now, but it seems to have initiated an historic list of low-cost drugs that could transform the industry. In a similar fashion, new wireless “smart routers” could transform the way people in China access the Internet. Also this week, we examine the likely beneficiaries from changes to China’s family planning policy.

22 November 2013

Homes-for-pensions scheme sparks debate

Proposals to enable over-60s to fund their retirement by collateralising their homes have proved controversial

19 September 2013

China’s demographic shift

Labour cost rises are unlikely to abate as China’s dependency ratio reaches record highs.

22 September 2011

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