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Sinopec opens its doors to private investment

Local commentators discuss the state oil firm’s announcement that it will permit private investment in its distribution networks.

27 February 2014

China moderates cuts to new energy auto subsidies

DANWEI – Chinese media reported this week that cuts to incentives for new energy auto manufacturers and consumers will be moderated in 2014/15, and rumors have it that a Foxconn subsidiary will supply LCD panels to Tesla. In the Mai-Mai Index we compare mentions of Japanese auto brands with calls for a boycott of Japanese goods on Chinese social media in the first six weeks of 2014.

14 February 2014

Profits in insulin, fear in pharma and oil

DANWEI – Corruption investigations are still sending chills through petrochemical and pharmaceutical companies in China, but some companies are doing better, like the Hong Kong-listed United Laboratories, which is boasting of its products’ inclusion in the government list of drugs that can be reimbursed. This week’s Danwei Bulletin also looks at China’s struggling online dating companies, good news at China Southern Rail and BYD, and more. In this week’s Mai-Mai Index, Weibo buying chatter on clothes and shoes are bucking the general downward trend.  

12 September 2013

China’s fight against pollution heats up

The new set of policy priorities for Xi Jinping’s administration, increasing public discontent, and the diminishing importance of the industrial sector to China’s economy, makes us cautiously optimistic that the drive to tackle pollution could gain momentum this year. 

07 March 2013

Pollution prompts stricter fuel standards

The Chinese government has heeded calls for more rigorous fuel standards in order to help combat China’s chronic air pollution.

07 February 2013

Implications of coal price reforms

Energy industry experts assess the implications of a series of reforms to China’s coal industry

10 January 2013

Coal-price reform builds momentum

Political support appears to be growing for the full liberalisation of coal prices, especially as they remain depressed, enabling the government to liberalise coal prices in the near-term while gradually moving towards electricity price reform in the future.

29 November 2012

IPO plans hint at nuclear power resumption

The announcement by a state-owned nuclear power plant that it is seeking to list on domestic stock markets has heightened speculation that Beijing is poised to resume the approval of new nuclear power plants that have been suspended since the Fukushima disaster in March 2011

14 June 2012

Offshore oil spill raises governance issues

ConocoPhillips and CNOOC have come under fire for their tardy and opaque response to the recent oil spill.

11 August 2011

The Great Power Shortage

Power shortages are set to continue into the summer months unless the government hikes retail electricity prices or significantly boosts feed-in tariffs.

19 May 2011

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