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Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign Direct Investment

Dodgy data and pyramid schemes

DANWEI – Health supplement brand Sinolife was swamped this week by claims it used dodgy data, while skin care brand Nu Life was dismissed by a People’s Daily article as a fraud and likely a pyramid scheme. Also this week: more consolidation in China’s beer industry, and the PLA decides to buy local cars.

17 January 2014

Shake out in China’s pharma industry

DANWEI – 523 pharmaceutical companies have failed new manufacturing standards in China, and all of these companies will now have to close shop. With evaluations in the industry set to continue in to 2015, China’s pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a major shake out. Also this week: J&J trademark revoked; China Resources acquires Moutai brewery; and more.

10 January 2014

Shanghai Free Trade Zone: important but vague

Much hope for liberalisation attends the launch of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, but the devil may be in the lack of detail.

03 October 2013

Anti-Japanese protests escalate

Economists have been debating the likelihood and impact of prolonged Sino-Japanese trade disruption following recent violent anti-Japanese protests in a number of Chinese cities.

20 September 2012

Negative foreign exchange growth points to hot money outflows in April

According to the People’s Bank of China, the central bank, funds outstanding for foreign exchange, an indicator used to track monthly foreign exchange growth in mainland China, recorded a negative growth of Rmb60.571bn in April (see chart). We believe this is part of the reason for the central bank’s recent RRR cut. If foreign exchange growth continues to be negative in May or only records small positive growth, it will provide the central bank with more incentive to make another RRR cut in near term to address the economic slowdown issue.

16 May 2012

Pressuring China with a proposed new trade area

A proposed new US-led trade area appears intended to pressure China, but will it work?

17 November 2011

Johnson Controls hit by safety allegations in China

The US battery maker has come under the spotlight for allegedly causing lead poisoning among children in the proximity of its Shanghai plant.

22 September 2011

Home Inns to cement leading position

The budget hotel operator is expected to widen its lead in the market through the acquisition of Motel 168.

16 June 2011

Rothschild sees opportunity as China "goes out"

A sharp acceleration of Chinese corporate investments overseas is in prospect as intensifying domestic push factors marry with increased international facilitation.

07 April 2011

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