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US-China ties under the spotlight

As Barack Obama and Mitt Romney stake out their claims to be the next American president, the country’s relationship with China has come under the spotlight. How the new administration will handle business disputes, ranging from intellectual property rights, currency and exports, has been central in the run-up to the elections. But China is also gearing up for a leadership transition, with the 18th Party Congress scheduled to start on November 8. This has also raised questions as to how China’s new leaders will deal with a shifting geo-political environment.

01 November 2012

China seeks IMF votes for cash pledge

Chinese academics and commentators have debated the country’s recent pledge of $43bn towards IMF recapitalisation, in return for the Fund delivering on a 2010 pledge to grant developing nations additional quota share and voting rights.

28 June 2012

Plans to create a Brics development bank

Proposals to create a Brics-wide development bank has aroused a great deal of debate among Chinese commentators

05 April 2012

Kim Jong Il death rattles markets

Markets closed down in Asia in response to the death of the North Korean leader Kim Jong Il and concerns over the transition of power in China’s northerly neighbor. The benchmark Shanghai Composite Index dropped 0.3%, or 6.61 points, to close at 2,218.24 while the Shenzhen Component Index slid 0.31%, or 27.86 points, to finish at 9,054.08. The dips mirrored similar slides in the Korea Composite Stock Price Index (KOSPI), which slid 3.43%, and the Nikkei Stock Average, down 1.26%.

19 December 2011

A hot money exodus

Chinese hot money is rushing overseas, raising a host of implications for the renminbi, domestic monetary policy and wealth managers around the world.

15 December 2011

Labour wages start to ease

Some migrant worker wages are starting to ease, raising profound implications for the economy.

01 December 2011

The US currency bill

The Senate’s decision to support a currency bill aimed at China has unsurprisingly sparked fierce debate.

20 October 2011

Financial reform hit as "China sub-prime" concerns grow

Concerns over financial fragility, mixed with a conservative political atmosphere ahead of the 2012 political succession is hitting the pace of financial reform.

22 September 2011

US debt debacle

Commentators discuss the US’s recent debt conundrum and the ramifications for China.

11 August 2011

Why is China so critical over US debt problems?

The S&P downgrade rocks the steady "trade-for-credit" symbiosis that has formed the basis of the US-China commercial relationship.

11 August 2011

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