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Virtual credit cards and online drug sales

DANWEI – In the Danwei Bulletin this week we look at why Alibaba’s acquired ChinaVision; its involvement with CITIC for “virtual credit cards”; and a mysterious website that has been given permission to sell drugs online and may also belong to Alibaba. In the Mai-Mai Index, we dissect a massive peak in discussions of financial products on Weibo in February.

14 March 2014

Competition heating up in China’s sanitary pads market

DANWEI – A new local competitor is seeking to unseat dominant foreign players in the market for sanitary pads in China, and the chairman of China’s largest property developer acclaims the impact of the anti-corruption campaign on China’s real estate market. In the Mai-Mai Index we follow-up on the recent developments and social media mentions of bitcoin.

28 February 2014

Dodgy data and pyramid schemes

DANWEI – Health supplement brand Sinolife was swamped this week by claims it used dodgy data, while skin care brand Nu Life was dismissed by a People’s Daily article as a fraud and likely a pyramid scheme. Also this week: more consolidation in China’s beer industry, and the PLA decides to buy local cars.

17 January 2014

Shake out in China’s pharma industry

DANWEI – 523 pharmaceutical companies have failed new manufacturing standards in China, and all of these companies will now have to close shop. With evaluations in the industry set to continue in to 2015, China’s pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a major shake out. Also this week: J&J trademark revoked; China Resources acquires Moutai brewery; and more.

10 January 2014

Funerals and pensions for an aging population

DANWEI – China’s aging population is rich in economic opportunities. The Shanghai-based Fu Shou Yuan is aiming to cash in on funeral services, and the launch of a new pension investment scheme in 2014 promises to provide ample management fees for financial institutions. In this week’s Mai-Mai Index: dairy producer Mengniu and China’s ongoing “milk crunch”.

13 December 2013

China’s mobile payment war heats up

DANWEI – The gloves have come off in the war of words between China’s leading Internet executives as Alibaba and Tencent grapple for supremacy in online payments, while several Chinese IT firms have launched an anti-piracy lawsuit against search giant Baidu. Also this week: BYD tries to hype its new hybrid car, and US chipmaker Qualcomm set for troubled waters in China. 

29 November 2013

Industry tremors: Cheap drugs and smart routers

DANWEI – The anti-corruption campaign in China’s pharma industry has dragged on for months now, but it seems to have initiated an historic list of low-cost drugs that could transform the industry. In a similar fashion, new wireless “smart routers” could transform the way people in China access the Internet. Also this week, we examine the likely beneficiaries from changes to China’s family planning policy.

22 November 2013

Pharma spreads its wings

DANWEI – This week’s Danwei Bulletin focuses on pharma companies that are seeking to expand beyond drugs into direct selling of beauty products and supplements in private hospitals and clinics. In the Mai-Mai index, buying chatter for clothing is still in the lead and on the increase.

01 November 2013

Domestic drug firms gain, Internet companies slide

DANWEI – As China gets back to work after the holiday, this week’s Danwei Bulletin focuses on domestic pharma firms that are reporting growth as a direct result of government investigations into foreign drug firms. We also look at reactions to a tumble in the share prices of several US-listed Chinese Internet companies, and in this week’s Mai-Mai Index buying chatter for clothes and shoes is still on the rise.

10 October 2013

Profits in insulin, fear in pharma and oil

DANWEI – Corruption investigations are still sending chills through petrochemical and pharmaceutical companies in China, but some companies are doing better, like the Hong Kong-listed United Laboratories, which is boasting of its products’ inclusion in the government list of drugs that can be reimbursed. This week’s Danwei Bulletin also looks at China’s struggling online dating companies, good news at China Southern Rail and BYD, and more. In this week’s Mai-Mai Index, Weibo buying chatter on clothes and shoes are bucking the general downward trend.  

12 September 2013

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