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China’s box office success

Our survey of cinemagoers, cinema managers, movie executives and investors suggests that the recent boom in Chinese film investment and revenue is set to continue, but also highlights risks to the sector’s outlook.

28 August 2014

Media reforms on the way

A recent announcement by Chinese president Xi Jinping urging deeper reform of China’s media sector has sparked debate about the likely impact on the top-performing A-share sector last year.

28 August 2014

Soaring investment in China’s film industry

A recent surge in investment in film and TV companies has raised questions about the sustainability of the sector.

31 July 2014

Film – Movie kingdom

Rapid cinema buildout, almost universal TV ownership and high levels of internet penetration mean that film is now the most popular form of entertainment among Chinese consumers

22 August 2013

TV – Generational divide

More than half of older viewers continue to watch over five hours of TV a week, but younger consumers are increasingly drawn to online video

22 August 2013

Karaoke – China’s big night out

Karaoke is an extremely popular – and lucrative – form of mainstream entertainment in China, with respondents spending almost Rmb80/month at KTV bars

22 August 2013

Music – Love don’t cost a thing

Although music is an extremely popular form of entertainment in China, most Chinese consumers continue to see it as a free commodity

22 August 2013

Special Report: Showtime for China’s entertainment sector

Our in-depth survey of consumers and entertainment venue operators nationwide reveals a surge in entertainment activities and spending among Chinese consumers, and a concomitant surge in investment and revenue in entertainment facilities nationwide

22 August 2013

Special Report: Entertaining the nation

Our in-depth survey provides a detailed breakdown of their entertainment preferences and spending habits of Chinese consumers, highlighting both the opportunities and challenges facing those companies looking to monetise them

22 August 2013

Bids up at CCTV advertising auction

China’s state broadcaster enjoyed an 11.4% YoY increase in advertising pre-sales revenues at its 2013 auction, but some industry experts believe that its influence may be waning.

29 November 2012

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