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Industry tremors: Cheap drugs and smart routers

DANWEI – The anti-corruption campaign in China’s pharma industry has dragged on for months now, but it seems to have initiated an historic list of low-cost drugs that could transform the industry. In a similar fashion, new wireless “smart routers” could transform the way people in China access the Internet. Also this week, we examine the likely beneficiaries from changes to China’s family planning policy.

22 November 2013

The rise of convenience China

An estimated 50m core white-collar workers are at the vanguard of modern Chinese consumerism, driving the rise of a retail and service universe that emphasises convenience above all else.

15 November 2012

Food: Yum – feeding China’s office workers

The US fast-food giant has adapted its food offerings and business hours to tap into the shifting demands of its Chinese customers.

13 November 2012

A hot money exodus

Chinese hot money is rushing overseas, raising a host of implications for the renminbi, domestic monetary policy and wealth managers around the world.

15 December 2011

Booming business of matrimony

Weddings are big business in China as 12m or so tie the knot in a blaze of consumerism each year. Now, some listed companies offer the prospect of a "wedding play".

21 October 2010

Luolai – Growing hand in hand with the wedding market

The bed linen brand is poised well to benefit from China’s booming wedding market as the product proves a popular gift.

21 October 2010

Watabe – Saying "I Do" to the Chinese market

The Japanese wedding planning company is hoping to defend against a declining marriage registration rate at home by moving into the Greater China region.

21 October 2010

Charity in China

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are due to visit Beijing this month to promote philanthropy. Domestic commentators discuss how the art of giving is taking shape in China.

23 September 2010

Cosmetics: saving face

Urban middle class women helped cosmetics sales grow 17% last year to Rmb 137bn, lead predominantly by skincare products.

04 March 2010

New Oriental (EDU:NYSE)

The private education provider is focused on consolidating operations and boosting margins at its learning centres across China.

10 December 2009

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