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Coal-price reform builds momentum

Political support appears to be growing for the full liberalisation of coal prices, especially as they remain depressed, enabling the government to liberalise coal prices in the near-term while gradually moving towards electricity price reform in the future.

29 November 2012

IPO plans hint at nuclear power resumption

The announcement by a state-owned nuclear power plant that it is seeking to list on domestic stock markets has heightened speculation that Beijing is poised to resume the approval of new nuclear power plants that have been suspended since the Fukushima disaster in March 2011

14 June 2012

Solar – overcapacity blues

It will take most of 2012 to shift inventories, with some help from demand in the domestic market.

15 December 2011

Solar Power – Not all gloom

China’s export-reliant solar companies have been under a cloud created by the prospect of falling subsidies in overseas markets. However, things are by no means all gloomy.

24 February 2011

Wind turbines – catching foreign gusts

Goldwind, Sinovel, DEC and others have big plans to break into overseas markets, and with quality improving and international strategies taking shape, it would be unwise to bet against them.

04 November 2010

Driving green

A new pilot study to subsidise alternative energy vehicle purchases shows Beijing means business in its ploy to go green.

03 June 2010

Beware the hype over electric vehicles in China

A media focus on electric vehicles at the Beijing Auto show, which opened on Friday, should not obscure the fact that the timelines for mass market adoption of these clean-tech autos appear to be a long way into the future. Though we remain convinced that China is serious about rolling out electric vehicle infrastructure, we think it will take until at least 2012 before it starts to attain any meaningful scale.

26 April 2010

A new big theme: Energy saving

Companies that find ways to deliver energy savings are capitalising on Beijing’s stricter insistence on reducing energy intensity.

22 April 2010

Optimism over healthcare and environmental sectors

Michael Chiu, head of Greater China Funds at ING Investment Management, is hopeful that recently announced government spending plans will support wind power and medical equipment manufacturers.

08 April 2010

Overheating, overcapacity to weigh on capital intensive industries in 2010

While fixed asset investment is set to slow, the government will attempt to cool real estate markets in major cities and continue to push the roll-out of green technologies.

23 December 2009

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