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Overseas Investment

Overseas Investment

Back to the Nasdaq

Chinese investment experts debate the significance of a renewed spate of IPOs by Chinese companies on the Nasdaq board in New York.

14 November 2013

Contractors for hire

Protected at home, China’s construction companies will have to modernise to realise global ambitions.

25 July 2012

A hot money exodus

Chinese hot money is rushing overseas, raising a host of implications for the renminbi, domestic monetary policy and wealth managers around the world.

15 December 2011

Jing Ulrich, JPMorgan: China’s US Treasury Holdings Register Largest Monthly Decline Since 2000

According to the latest Treasury International Capital (TIC) data, China was a net seller of US Treasuries in December, cutting its holdings by $34.2bn (4.3%) to $755.4bn. China’s share of total outstanding short and long-term US Treasury securities among foreign holders declined to 20.9% in December, from 23% at mid-2009. With China’s total holdings retreating to the lowest level since February 2009, Japan has regained the mantle as the largest foreign investor in US Treasury securities, with $768.8 billion in US sovereign debt in December or 21.3% of total foreign holdings of US Treasury securities.

23 February 2010

China puts faith in Asian trade

Growth in trade with Asia and "newly rising" economies will take centre stage for China’s trade policy in 2010 and beyond.

26 November 2009

Sovereign wealth

China Investment Corporation recently reported its financial results for the first time, noting net profits of $23.1bn in 2008, despite a poor performance overseas.

20 August 2009

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