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Sinopec opens its doors to private investment

Local commentators discuss the state oil firm’s announcement that it will permit private investment in its distribution networks.

27 February 2014

China relaxes business registration rules

Experts debate the significance of the abolition of minimum registration capital requirements for new businesses.

31 October 2013

Plans for privately owned banks released

Local commentators debate recent policy announcements concerning the establishment of privately-owned banks.

03 October 2013

Banks spoil the SOEs, hitting profits

State-owned banks have quietly been lending to state-owned enterprises at reduced interest rates so far this year, buoying the economy but at the expense of bank profits

19 September 2013

China aims for a new redistribution of wealth

After a series of delays, China has published a wide-ranging plan for income distribution.

07 February 2013

Private capital into state domains

Beijing made a push to channel private capital into state-dominated sectors with a document issued by six ministries last week that allows private capital into areas such as rail, health and transportation. In these areas, private capital may partake in enterprise restructuring, joint investment projects with state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and offshore investments. The China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) also allowed non-state companies to buy stakes of more than 20% in city commercial banks, rural credit co-operatives and rural commercial banks.

30 May 2012

State-owned developers show strengths

New housing starts in 1Q12 posted their first YoY drop in three years, but state developers are using their inherent advantages to weather a trying phase in the real estate market.

19 April 2012

Private-sector investment to hold up

Though investment in plants and machinery by private companies is slowing from last year’s heady growth rates, it is set to remain fairly resilient to China’s broader slowdown, China Confidential research shows.

19 April 2012

China’s struggling SMEs

Leading Chinese commentators discuss the ongoing difficulties facing China’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

05 April 2012

Private capital to play a key role as financial reforms accelerate

Approval of a pilot financial reform zone in Wenzhou suggests that the government has finally acknowledged the importance of private capital to the nation’s financial health and is prepared to encourage it to play a bigger role.

05 April 2012

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