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Regulatory Shift

Utility prices climb

Artificial suppression of key utility prices – including water, electricity and gas – has been part of the secret of China’s industrial success. But now things are changing.

12 January 2012

Regulators toughen up on ChiNext

Alleged insider trading and speculation on junk stocks have dampened sentiment, forcing regulators to launch a delisting mechanism for the growth enterprise board.

01 December 2011

Ministry of Health under fire over food safety, again

The ministry has attracted widespread criticism for appearing too lax over food safety after frozen food was recalled for containing deadly bacteria.

01 December 2011

Property restrictions to ease?

Debate has begun over whether property price cuts will lead to widespread easing of restrictions in the market.

03 November 2011

Beijing targets shadow banks

A move by regulators to target the shadow banking system could squeeze the supply of credit, hitting smaller banks and private companies the hardest.

08 September 2011

Is commercial property a new bubble?

Developers are boosting investments in commercial property on curbs aimed at cooling prices in the residential segment.

08 September 2011

Income tax cuts to have limited effect

Beijing is expected to lose Rmb 160bn in tax revenue following implementation of new income tax rules on September 1.

08 September 2011

Regulators get tough on local government debt

Local government financing vehicles are trying to repackage debts to escape default but the sector still looks shaky.

11 August 2011

Fall out from the Jasmine revolution that wasn’t

Concerted selling of Sina, Sohu, Netease, Baidu and other internet shares through fears of a severe web crackdown has been overdone.

24 February 2011

A shudder in Zhongnanhai

The imposition of controls on prices and the supply of food and energy show deep disquiet in Beijing, but it will take several months to bring the root cause – ballooning money supply – under control.

18 November 2010

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