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Alibaba and JD.com strengthen grip on e-commerce market

China’s two largest e-commerce companies, Alibaba and JD.com (JD:Nasdaq), continue to cement their leading position in the rapidly consolidating e-commerce market at the expense of mid-sized players, according to our latest consumer survey.

11 August 2014

Mall operators gain more ground as department stores struggle

Leading Chinese shopping mall operators continue to gain in popularity at the expense of traditional department store chains, according to our latest survey of 1,428 Chinese shoppers.

06 August 2014

Nike – market leader on track to recovery

Nike remains the most popular sportswear maker in our consumer surveys and has made progress in clearing excess inventory and boosting direct sales in China, helping to support a return to positive sales and earnings growth in recent quarters 

08 May 2014

Toread – transformation under pressure

Attempts to expand its online presence and adopt a multi-brand strategy are unlikely to prevent a further sales slowdown for the outdoor sports product manufacturer in 2014.

08 May 2014

Li-Ning – slow progress for troubled domestic player

The Chinese sportswear maker is slowly making progress towards a return to positive revenue and profit growth, but continues to lose popularity in our consumer surveys and faces an extremely challenging outlook.

08 May 2014

Adidas – continuing to outperform

The German sportswear maker continues to outperform in China thanks to its larger exposure to casualwear, strong brand equity, extensive store network and favourable product mix.

08 May 2014

Sportswear – getting back on track

With leading sportswear makers making progress in shedding excess inventory, and with demographic and behavioural shifts likely to support future sector growth, China’s sportswear market finally appears to be on the brink of recovery after several years of painful transition.

08 May 2014

Tarena IPO: Questions from the Chinese Internet

DANWEI – The Chinese education services company Tarena is set for a Nasdaq IPO. This week we consider online complaints about the company that suggest important lines of enquiry for potential investors. Also this week, new players are set to threaten the big three Chinese telecom operators, and in the Mai-Mai Index we look at Chinese sportswear brands on Weibo.

31 March 2014

Casualwear – an increasingly crowded market

While fast-growing multinational casualwear brands continue to outperform domestic rivals, all leading players will find it challenging to continue to grow sales and market share without sacrificing margins in an increasingly competitive market.

27 February 2014

Gap – scaling up expansion in China

The US clothing company is banking on rapid expansion in China to help offset sluggish sales in its home market, but faces a challenge to broaden its appeal beyond wealthy Western-exposed consumers in higher-tier cities.

27 February 2014

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