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Rural Consumption

Rural wealth surges in November

The China Confidential Rural Wealth Index rose to 54.4 in November, up from 53.4 in October, as pork prices recovered and rural machinery sales were strong.

13 December 2012

Slowing remittances, tractor sales challenge rural sector

Declining tractor sales, weak vehicle sales and a slowdown in migrant worker remittances dragged the China Confidential Rural Wealth Index down 1.4pp in July

23 August 2012

Special report: Retail revolution galvanizes grassroots China

A growing legion of increasingly sophisticated consumers in China’s booming county cities and townships looks set to drive Chinese consumption growth in the coming years, according to China Confidential’s survey of 386 residents in 11 counties across the country.

26 July 2012

Special report: County shoppers, city tastes

Our survey of 386 county and township consumers reveals the increasing sophistication of China’s county-level consumers, whose spending habits and shopping choices increasingly resemble those of their counterparts in larger cities.

26 July 2012

Special report: China’s county commercial revolution

A string of ambitious commercial developments in county cities and towns across China is transforming consumer behavior at the intersection of city and countryside

26 July 2012

Special report: Zhangjiawa – a tale of two towns

Like many Chinese towns, Zhangjiawa, a small town in the eastern province of Shandong, is divided into two parts.

26 July 2012

Special report: Yongxing – returnees fuel rapid growth

Shops and apartments are springing up across Yongxing, Hunan province, to serve a growing urban population

26 July 2012

Special report: Tongxiang – high-speed development

The advent of the Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed railway has seen an influx of retailers, developers and speculators into Tongxiang, an already-wealthy textile-manufacturing base.

26 July 2012

Qingdao Haier – Moving downstream for growth

Strong growth of its downstream distribution business should enable Qingdao Haier to consolidate its leadership of China’s white-goods market

31 May 2012

Bosch-Siemens – The wealthy urbanite’s brand of choice

Siemens’ advanced technology should ensure that its products qualify for the government’s upcoming energy-saving subsidy package

31 May 2012

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