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Rural Economy

Private capital flows into rural banks

Village banks are a new frontier in Chinese banking, open to private and foreign capital and tapped in to a buoyant segment of the economy

23 August 2012

Pig farming losses dent rural wealth in May

The pig-to-feed ratio fell below break-even point for the first time in 23 months in May, dragging down China Confidential’s Rural Wealth Index to 52.6 despite a rebound in rural vehicle sales.

14 June 2012

The "Me Generation" of migrant workers

Younger migrant workers spend more, are more brand conscious, want to live nearer home and dream of starting their own businesses, a CC grassroots survey finds

18 May 2012

RRR cut targets rural economy

China’s central bank has cut the required reserve ratio (RRR) for certain branches of the Agricultural Bank of China (1288:HK), one of the country’s top three lenders, in a measure designed to encourage lending in rural areas.

22 March 2012

Strong rural growth

Our survey shows rural wealth creation growing strongly, creating extra spending power for the cohort of around 250m to 300m emerging rural discretionary consumers.

30 June 2011

Inflation turns structural

Almost all of the structural pressures propelling China’s inflationary surge are intensifying, confounding hopes for a sustained retreat in consumer prices.

24 February 2011

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