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Stimulus required

Though a repeat of the muscular Rmb4.0tn stimulus package seen in 2009-2010 is now hardly possible, the need for Beijing to inject extra vigour into consumer spending, exports and even fixed asset investments is slowly becoming clearer.

12 January 2012

Investor frenzy on new art stock exchange

After share prices on Tianjin’s new "art stock exchange" ran off the scale, regulators behind the scheme were forced to step in.

24 March 2011

The pension problem

Dr Kerry Brown, senior fellow of the Asia Programme at Chatham House, talks on one of the biggest challenges facing Beijing this decade.

07 October 2010

Survey shows strong consumer demand

Our proprietary survey shows consumer spending plans remain very strong but questions proliferate about the quality of the current retail boom.

09 September 2010

Underground banks – lifeblood of the private sector

Lending from a wide array of unregulated private lenders has surged this year to meet demand from a resurgent private sector in need of credit to meet rising orders.

15 July 2010

Bank regulator blinks on credit tightening

China’s bank regulator has eased its stance on credit tightening, showing that – for now – GDP growth trumps monetary discipline in Beijing’s hierarchy of priorities.

17 September 2009

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