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Dairy woes

DANWEI – This week in China more news emerged of government moves to lower prices in the infant formula industry.  

05 July 2013

Ports weather the storm

While cargo and container throughput grew steadily at most major ports in 2011, China’s port operators face a somewhat more challenging year in 2012 due to a continued slowdown in container throughput growth. The main factor dampening activity remains sluggish demand for Chinese exports to the EU, even as US demand shows real signs of picking up.

03 May 2012

Signs suggest growth slowing

Our survey data and grassroots research show several signs of slowing growth in January after a robust December.

27 January 2011

Factor inflation shows overheating

An almost across-the-board rise in industrial input prices shows the structural nature of China’s inflationary pressures, obliging Beijing to maintain vigilance against overheating.

04 March 2010

Overcapacity concerns deepen

Quantity of growth vs the quality of growth…that is now the question.

06 August 2009

Export gloom to brighten

Signs are emerging that parts of China’s export market might be through their darkest hour.

25 June 2009

China goes continental

It is looking as though energy generating the world’s fastest economic growth rate this year is increasingly coming from within. China Confidential investigates.

17 April 2009

Steel’s dog is set to bark

With fixed asset investment surging and a number of infrastructure projects getting underway, why are steel prices still down in the dumps? China Confidential investigates.

17 April 2009

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