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Custom Research

China Confidential Custom Research (CCCR) offers research tailored to individual client requirements. If you need comprehensive research and primary data on a particular sector, trend or company, CCCR is there to provide it.

We use our network of researchers in 10 cities, our proven ability to conduct multiple off-line and online surveys each month and our established access to experts in many fields to cut through the murk that often shrouds key investment trends, corporate issues and market insights in China. 

We guarantee absolute client confidentiality in all our custom research projects. 

• Multi-channel: Getting to the bottom of a question often requires a mix of different approaches. We call upon a variety of methodologies to yield the best results, including store/company visits, foot traffic surveys, real-time social media monitoring, online survey sampling, structured corporate interviews and expert interviews.

• Quality control: Our team of directors and researchers, with several decades of China experience behind them, are committed to strict quality control standards and transparent methodologies. Because we conduct some 5,000 structured consumer interviews and 3,000 structured corporate interviews every quarter, we have a wealth of up-to-the-minute data on how many parts of the economy are faring.

Nationwide coverage: The surveys that we conduct generate regular data from across all the geographical regions of China and from the top to the bottom of the municipal hierarchy, and even into rural areas. We also reach all age-groups and income cohorts, from young migrant workers to high net worth individuals (HNWIs).


Specialised sectors

While we are happy to discuss implementing custom research on virtually any investment trend, corporate issue or market development, we have developed areas of specialist expertise informed by our databases of historical data.

These are:


Why us

If you are looking for fast, reliable and cost-effective custom research on the Chinese economy, we have the capacity and track record to deliver. Though owned by the Financial Times, we are completely independent in operation and our custom research work is kept completely confidential. 


For further details and sample custom reports, please contact [email protected]


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