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2014 to see huge growth in alternative financing

DANWEI – The CEO of China’s P2P lending service is very bullish on the industry’s prospects for 2014, and considers 2013 as the “year one” of P2P financing. Also this week, Toyota recalls vehicles in China, a Chinese gold miner seeks to buy a Texan energy company, and more. In the Mai-Mai Index, we look at smartphone brands on Chinese social media.

21 February 2014

China’s mobile payment war heats up

DANWEI – The gloves have come off in the war of words between China’s leading Internet executives as Alibaba and Tencent grapple for supremacy in online payments, while several Chinese IT firms have launched an anti-piracy lawsuit against search giant Baidu. Also this week: BYD tries to hype its new hybrid car, and US chipmaker Qualcomm set for troubled waters in China. 

29 November 2013

Industry tremors: Cheap drugs and smart routers

DANWEI – The anti-corruption campaign in China’s pharma industry has dragged on for months now, but it seems to have initiated an historic list of low-cost drugs that could transform the industry. In a similar fashion, new wireless “smart routers” could transform the way people in China access the Internet. Also this week, we examine the likely beneficiaries from changes to China’s family planning policy.

22 November 2013

B&Q and Wison: No rest for the wicked

DANWEI – As highlighted in our previous Danwei Bulletin, anti-corruption investigations have hit Wison Engineering, a company with close ties to PetroChina, hard. We follow up on Wison’s woes in this week’s Bulletin, and also look into another company in trouble in China: British DIY retailer B&Q.

05 September 2013

The new protectionism

DANWEI – Pressure on multinational companies that are dominant in their industries continues. This week we look at regional protectionism in health care in Shanghai, and the pulling of a drug patent of Gilead Sciences.  

In this week’s Danwei Bulletin we also launch a new feature: the Mai-Mai Index, a lighthearted guide to what the Chinese consumer wants. We use Danwei’s proprietary Data Miner to retrieve and analyze the top five hundred postings on social media site Weibo that indicate an intention to buy or sell something and we rank the most popular products and services.

Also: a report on real estate, stats about WMPs, two kinds of batteries, Tencent, and more.

09 August 2013

Big data: the next bubble?

Local commentators debate the implications of a surge in investment in big data.

27 June 2013

Real name requirements for Weibo users

A controversial ruling that all microblog users must re-register their accounts under their real names has stimulated vigorous debate among bloggers, academics and industry figures.

23 February 2012

Apple’s iPad trademark dispute

Commentators believe that the iPad trademark dispute between Apple and Proview poses challenges for China’s legal system, but is unlikely to significantly affect Apple’s China sales.

23 February 2012

Qihoo 360 – fast expansion boosts ad sales

The internet and mobile security software developer has been expanding its user base quickly to support advertising revenues though disputes with major internet rivals pose some threat to the company’s development.

19 May 2011

Star performers

A round up of just some of China’s strong performers so far this year.

15 October 2009

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