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Climbing the technology ladder

Pushed by higher costs, some Chinese companies are climbing the technology ladder and creating substitutes for imports.

13 December 2012

Exporting inflation to the world

A raft of rising costs is forcing exporters to pass on higher prices to buyers – a trend that is set to redraw the map of world trade.

07 April 2011

China’s rapid ascent up the value chain

Rapid improvements in technology and brand values by Chinese companies are winning recognition from around the world, boosting the value added content of Chinese exports and creating healthier margins for some leading Chinese companies.

06 May 2010

US-China rift over Google reflects fractious ties

Google’s defiance of Beijing has the potential to put ties with the US into the deep freeze.

14 January 2010

3G in China: It’s here! Now what?

BDA China chairman Duncan Clark cuts through the hype surrounding the long-awaited launch of 3G mobile technology in China.

05 March 2009

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